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PharmaPac Helps Carbon Health Take Steps to Automate Physician Dispensing

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Patient adherence is a public health concern. In fact, studies show 1 out of 3 prescriptions are never filled, creating enormous health and economic costs. This ‘primary non-adherence’ can be prevented with immediate fulfillment anytime, anywhere the medicine is needed. In other words, point-of-care medication dispensing.

Approximately 45 states permit physicians to dispense directly to their patients, yet few do because of misconceptions that in-office medication dispensing is complicated, expensive, requires additional labor and complicates workflows.

PharmaPac’s recent partnership with VendRx, a provider of secure, automated systems that dispense commonly prescribed medications direct to a patient at provider locations, has formed a point-of-care medication dispensing solution that improves the primary non-adherence issue, and mitigates the traditional issues associated with inventory and compliance.

Our automated, point-of-care dispensing solution helps to ensure healthcare providers such as urgent care facilities, private practices, onsite employee health clinics or student health centers are helping to:

  1. Improve Patient Outcomes Many patients go untreated because they did not fill their prescriptions. And there is no way of tracking that for a physician.

  2. Enhance Patient Experience It makes life easy for a patient if they can fill their prescription right there in the physician’s office/clinic versus making another, unnecessary trip to a pharmacy that may or may not have it in stock.

  3. Reduce Cost of Care It is a lot less expensive to buy from the clinic than from the pharmacy.

  4. Improve Provider’s Work Life Staff can be trained in minutes; everything else is automated.

We are excited to announce that Carbon Health in San Mateo, CA is among some of the first healthcare systems to implement our point-of-care dispensing solution. They are quickly seeing the benefits including:

  • Increased security and control

  • Increased patient access

  • Increased simplicity and convenience for patients and providers

  • A new revenue stream

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Reduced need for specialized labor

Carbon Health has purchased our system for several of their locations, with plans to expand to all locations within in the next one to two years.

If you’d like to learn more about our solution or schedule a demonstration of the specialized vending machines, locker systems and the software behind it, contact Ken Barnes directly at or call 614.327.3905.

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